Margaret Greig



Margaret began painting and drawing in her school day, and this love for art continued after polio left her a quadriplegic in 1950.

Margaret said that learning to paint by holding a brush in her mouth was like learning to write again. It took countless hours of practice to re-learn techniques which she had easily used when she could hole the brush with her hand.

However, her artistic talent soon developed through the use of various technical books and with the help of the members from her local art society. Margaret was accepted as a MFPA Student Member in 1970 and became a Full Member in 1980.

Margarets determination has certainly been rewarded as her paintings have been exhibited throughout the world, and she often holds her own private exhibitions in Australia.

She believes that although her disability has denied her a great deal of independence, mouth-painting has allowed her financial security and the freedom to express her creativity.

Margaret specialised in Australian landscapes, horses and native animals which she produces in oils.

She lives in country NSW.

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