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I am Trish, I am a survivor of the drug Thalidomide, I was born in Townsville North Queensland in 1962, with 3 tiny fingers on each underdeveloped tiny hand, which virtually come out of my shoulders as I was born without arms. I also had major heart/lung problems. All birth defects were due to Thalidomide. Despite the best medical opinions that I would not survive, I am here and enjoying my life.

I was in and out of hospital all through my childhood, having numerous heart procedures which continue to this day. I did not learn to walk till I was around 7 years old, so I was carried everywhere until my major heart operation at the age of 11, I then had the energy to walk by myself and I no longer required my friends to carry me from class to class at school.

I love life, even though I live in constant pain because feet are not meant to be hands, all my life my feet have been my hands. Yes, that’s right, I hold my tooth brush with my foot to brush my teeth twice a day every day. Everything you do with your hands, I do with my feet.

I have hobbies just like everyone else fishing, swimming, sailing, I have even tried my foot at glass blowing and indoor skydiving. I have been up in a glider and helicopter. I love photography and I have won many awards for my photos.

In 2015 I was in a bad head space due to all the pain I lived in; I knew I need to do something to get myself out of that headspace, so I decided to try my ‘foot’ at drawing. Loved it from the moment I picked up that pen, I have evolved to painting with acrylics all self-taught by watching lots of tutorials and making lots of mistakes along the way.

I also did public speaking for 7 years, I have spoken to groups from kindy to people in their 80’s and from all walks of life Doctors, professors, and medical staff, Politian’s, School teachers and students.

They say I’m inspirational, but I’m not I am just a girl who lives in a very confronting body and have always done it with a smile on my face.

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