"Sometimes I think there must be people like me all over the world, people who have no use in their arms yet who would love to be painters if only they had the chance"

- A.E Stegmann


artist Beryl Hanlon

Beryl Hanlon

Beryl has cerebral palsy and has been interested in art since she was a child.Beryl was improving her mouth painting techniques at art school when a teacher […]

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Patricia Jackson

I am Trish, I am a survivor of the drug Thalidomide, I was born in Townsville North Queensland in 1962, with 3 tiny fingers on each underdeveloped […]

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Gary Atkins

STUDENT MEMBER MOUTH PAINTER Gary gets most of his inspiration from photographs or pictures and enjoys painting landscapes. He was encouraged to try mouth-painting by an occupational […]

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Have you ever thought of the limited opportunities available to disabled people in terms of earning a living? For many, their disability means a life dependent on government assistance.

The need for special equipment, nursing help and medical attention is an added financial strain for these people whose disability has already place enormous restrictions on their lifestyle.

A loss of self-respect is only one of the many problems disabled people face, however mentally, it can be one of the most damaging.

The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) is an international organisation which gives disabled people the opportunity to become financially independent while at the same time offering them creative fulfillment.